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Since 1996 Capital Pros Ltd. (previously Capital Pros Network, Inc. - CPN) has provided corporate finance advisory to large and mid-sized businesses through its vast coverage of local financial institutions in the US.

Since its acquisition by present sponsors CPN’s services have been broad based coverage to global financial instititutions and also strategic advisory with a focus on geostrategic aspects, investor interface facilitation including due diligence, documentation and compliance, project finance, M&A advisory, public listing guidance and market risk management. We also provide strategic and operative cultural guidance for OECD and emerging markets.


The partners and directors have built, handled and transacted aggregate exposures of over $10 bn between themselves in diverse geographic footprints such as the US, the UK, Latam, Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.


Our coverage of financial institutions in the aforementioned markets is very comprehensive and ranges from well know institutions to small but liquid sources of capital. We cover banks, multilaterals, private and sovereign funds, development finance institutions and family offices. 

Over the last two decades, Capital Pros and it directors have engaged in a vast array of client needs ranging from emergency situations to complete restructuring. With vast client experience and  overseas partners with accounting background, we have the best in class infrastructure to complete transactions with end-to-end advice at a competitive cost. 




We work with some of the best-regarded financial institutions in the industry globally. Our clients have included brand name companies and celebrities, law firms, government agencies and foreign governments. Unfortunately, we do not discuss  our client specific references due to confidentiality considerations.

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